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 Hanging By A Thread Embroidery

I am a hand-embroidery artist specialising in the intricate, the fiddly, the figurative and the fantastic. 

Combining impeccable technical stitch ability with a contemporary style of subject matter and a darkly humorous approach, I believe embroidery deserves a place elevated above its humble craft origins: an art form with its own complex and challenging vocabulary.

​My subject matter and stylistic approach is underpinned by a thorough understanding of key 'disciplines' which I mastered during my Royal School of Needlework degree: most notably goldwork, silk shading, blackwork, crewel work and whitework. Maintaining  an exceptionally high quality of technical execution remains very fundamental to my own embroidery practice, integrating my stitching skill into any work I produce: a historical vocabulary underpinning contemporary subject matter and stylistic choices. 

​From being a member of the team honoured to embroider the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, through to involvement in various London Fashion Week collections, my needle has seen a plethora of professional projects. Working  for London-based atelier Hand and Lock saw me monogramming shirts, teaching goldwork and embroidering for Louis Vuitton. I am currently pursuing a career as a freelance artist: teaching, balancing commissions from both individuals and organisations, exhibiting and maintaining my personal practice.